TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden

TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden

TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden
TROTEC Deep-well Pump TDP 7500 E. Powerful 1,500 W stainless steel pump (INOX) with a flow rate of up to 4,800 l/h. Free water for the garden and the house. In addition, well water pumped significantly reduces the consumption of drinking water. Since the pumps for deep wells are designed to pump water from great depths.

A pump for a wide variety of applications. The deep well pump TDP 7500 E is the economic professional to irrigate thirsty plants and large lawns with self-produced service water from great depths in the hot summer.

Irrigation can be done either via a connected garden hose, lawn sprinklers or irrigation systems. Of course, the pump TDP 7500 E provides sufficient pressure and power for the parallel operation of several consumers - in the garden as well as in the house.

Because even here the TDP 7500 E lowers the household costs sustainably and permanently! For example as a supplementary water supply to provide toilet flushes and washing machines with clean, clear water. The integrated strainer of the deep well pump TDP 7500 E ensures clear water without dirt particles. In addition, rainwater is softer and less calcareous than tap water - which spares the washing machine and water-bearing pipes. Water is and remains a valuable resource that we should use responsibly. Drinking water prices have increased noticeably and steadily in recent years. By investing in a deep-well pump, you will be independent of these price increases and will use self-supply free-of-charge service and groundwater for free.

Trotec's deep well pumps are specially designed and highly efficient submersible pressure pumps, which due to their special design and high-quality technology can be used in very narrow boreholes, from a diameter of 11 centimeters. For easy transport of water from greater depths, the standard equipment includes a 20-meter connection cable and lifting eyes for lowering the pumps into wells, cisterns, drainage shafts or similar depressions. Like all submersible pressure pumps, deep well pumps are also suitable for mobile use at changing locations or for permanent installation. Ditch the rising costs of water!

With a slim diameter of only 10 cm, the TDP 7500 E requires a minimal working space in the garden. The overall picture of the garden remains unchanged. The cost of a private well in the garden (if it is not already available) will pay for itself after a few years, depending on the intensity of use. Specialized well builders help you plan and build your garden fountain! The stainless steel stainless steel pump housing defies even the highest levels of corrosion and protects the maintenance-free copper motor from mechanical influences when it is lowered into the well.

The robust and durable construction also guarantees long-lasting operation of the pump in permanent underwater use. Designed for maximum maintenance-free operation, the TDP 7500 E features a stainless steel dirt filter to protect it from impurities up to a particle size of 0.2 mm, a non-return check valve and a thermal protection switch. The 20-meter submarine cable provides convenient power to the pump, and the external switch box with on / off switch can be operated remotely from the installation site.

To lower on a rope, the pump housing also has two practical suspension lugs on the top of the device. Maximum safety, dust and waterproof.

If electricity and water flow through a device at the same time, state-of-the-art protection devices are required. With the waterproof encapsulated deep well pump you are always on the safe side.

The TDP 7500 E is dust and waterproof in accordance with protection class IP68. This allows the pump to remain permanently in the well even when not in use. Thanks to its IP44 protection class, the splash-proof control box can be mounted in a rain-protected outdoor area. With a powerful pressure of max.

At 9.3 bar, with a maximum head of 93 meters and an immersion depth of up to 20 meters, the TDP 7500 E is optimally equipped to pump clear water from wells, rainwater cisterns and other alternative sources of great depth. Due to its compact diameter of only 100 mm, the pump is particularly recommended for narrow borehole diameters from 110 mm.

Powerful 1,500 watts for pumping up to 4,800 liters per hour. Maximum output level: 93 Meter. Maximum pressure: 9,3 bar. Ideal for pumping clear water from wells, rainwater cisterns and manholes.

For effortless domestic water supply or irrigation purposes of the house (washing machine, toilet) and gardens (lawn sprinklers, irrigation systems). Pump housing made of stainless steel.

Robust pressure connection with brass insert. Extremely durable due to stainless steel housing and copper motor insert. Maintenance-free motor with integrated thermal protection circuit in case of overheating. IP68 protection marking for the pump dustproof and suitable for continuous underwater operation.

IP44 protection marking for the switch box splashproof. Reliable check valve for protection against backflow of the pumped medium.

2 suspension lugs for draining the pump with a rope. 20 m long underwater cable. Product details: Deep-well Pump TDP 7500 E.

Promote clean water from wells, shafts and other alternative wells with great depths. A sturdy stainless steel housing protects the maintenance-free and TÜV-certified copper motor.

The high-quality workmanship guarantees a smooth and long-lasting operation of the pump in permanent underwater use. The TDP 7500 E deep well pump is a worthwhile investment in the future - not only in the context of global climate change. Water is a valuable asset that we should use in a resource-efficient way.

With a deep well pump, of course, existing water can be used optimally. Water-demanding activities such as watering flowers, garden irrigation or even washing laundry can be easily operated with natural water from your garden thanks to the TDP 7500 E. To find the right deep well pump for your water needs.

The water consumption of a lawn sprinkler depends on the hose diameter and the water pressure of the feed pump. To determine the approximate water requirement, the following rule of thumb is appropriate. A commercial lawn sprinkler consumes between 800 and 1,200 liters of water per hour. Depending on the water pressure. The higher the deep well pump has to carry the water, the lower the water pressure and the maximum flow rate in liters per hour.

Make sure that the pump is dimensioned appropriately. Calculate the expected water requirement and then choose the TDP series deep well pump tailored to your needs.

Deep well pump TDP 5500 E delivers up to 6,000 liters of water per hour. Which is sufficient depending on the head for the simultaneous water supply of several sprinklers. If you want to supply less sprinkler over a further distance with service water from the well, we recommend the. With a capacity of 4,800 liters per hour, this also allows parallel operation of several lawn sprinklers with sufficient water pressure. Technical data: Deep-well Pump TDP 7500.

220 - 240 V/50 Hz. Solid content in water [%]. Thermal overload protection [° C]. Use of a suspension cord.

Suitable for salt water operation or permanent operation (> 10h). Suitable for hose (hose DN). Nylon rope tear resistant 12 m. Strong brand, top performance - Original quality from the market leader. For more than two decades, Trotec has been concentrating on the perfect conditioning of air.

This is what distinguishes Trotec and is also our core competency. In every team you will find qualified personnel, from the technician to the development engineer to the product consultant. To meet the role as an international market leader - always in view!

To achieve this goal, we offer our European offices and stores the opportunity to find out their personal needs and to find the right product for you. Benefit from expert sales advice and let us convince you of our products. If you like, you can simply order the device directly - or order via our various online offers.

We will be happy to help you. Perhaps the problem can be solved with a call via our specialised customer hotline. Availability plays an important role. To ensure this, thousands of devices are stored in our large warehouses across Europe.

Promptly, we can meet all your needs and tastes - at the best price-performance ratio, of course! The benefits to which they can rely on..

Years of experience: Trotec is one of the market leaders in all product areas represented. Personal advice in all Trotec stores / branches: Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Turkey. Direct pick-up in all Trotec stores / branches possible: Heinsberg, Schwerin. Maintenance and repair service in all Trotec branches.

Here our development engineers, technicians and product consultants have first-class know-how - this core competence is what distinguishes us. That is why we can always guarantee the best price / performance ratio over all quality classes! The possibility of personal sales consultation with direct pick-up in our branches and stores, the repair service or the permanent availability of over 10,000 appliances in our Europe-wide large warehouses, which ensures that our range and services are not just suitable for every need and taste, but also delivers to the best price-performance ratio. A partner you can rely on..

Years of experience: Trotec is one of the market leaders in the field of climate conditioning and measurement technology. Direct pick-up at all Trotec stores / branches possible: Heinsberg, Schwerin, Strasbourg (FR), Rotterdam (NL), Overpelt (BE), Affi (IT), Warsaw (PL) and Istanbul (TR).

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TROTEC Deep Well Pump TDP 7500 E Submersible Water Pump Borehole Garden